Our Story

woman sitting holding two babies


my name is Sophie, and I am the founder of Chunky Monkey. As a mother of twins, I was looking for products for my babies that were high quality, gentle, and inexpensive. Becoming a mother, I also became much more aware of my impact on the environment, and so my search also included products that were Eco-friendly and re-usable, to make sure I was doing my bit for my children's future. 

When my son Angus had his first runny nose, I hated the idea of using tissues. As a sufferer of intense hay fever myself, I know the pain of repeatedly wiping your nose with a tissue, and the inevitable dry, cracked skin that comes with it. I didn't want my baby boy to experience that. I thought to myself "how handy would it be to have a handkerchief for babies?" And so the idea was born.

Shortly after this, my daughter Hailey began developing eczema, and so there was a much greater emphasis in our household on natural fibres and ingredients to reduce her exposure to potential irritants. This has turned in to a passionate topic for me, not just for bubs who suffer eczema, but because all babies deserve natural, soft products to comfort and support them.

Thank you for supporting my business, and I hope you enjoy these products as much as my family does XX.